Ayurveda Arogya Mitra


ayurveda arogya mitra There is no doubt that IT technology and computer science have made great progress all over the world and as a result, today we have started buying the items whatever we need from online platforms. Even we start looking for solutions to our health problems online. First of all, Today thousands of websites, YouTube, Facebook or Teleshopping channels are promoting health care solution on the name of Ayurveda and lot of Health Specialists are seen giving solutions to all kinds of diseases and we also placing the orders sitting at home without thinking their consequences or their Genuity. But question, Whether all these online platforms, social media or teleshopping advertisements health shows are genuine and correct who are promoting ayurvedic treatment and giving 100% commitment of result, maybe your answer will be no. However, even due to the circumstances of the COVID-19, the online healthcare market is also growing rapidly and many unethical and non-medico are selling anything in the name of Ayurveda or even promising 100% treatment of non-treatable disease even. This all is happening just due to lack of proper healthcare information and lack of good healthcare system at ground level, most of the people get caught in their hoax and waste their money and health which is a matter of great concern these days.

Here we also want to confirm that there is no doubt that some of the institutions also give online Ayurveda treatment or advice in the right manner, But the biggest question is here, whether people living in rural areas have the proper access of this information technology to get the health solution through the mobile application, online consultation or are they are comfortable to connect the online with any doctors?  But they can feel easy to do the call on teleshopping advertisement but buying from teleshopping is like a scam and people feel cheated after buying from this type of platform. Even more than 30% of rural population did not have a smartphone or even many of the people not able to login on mobile applications or websites to connect with the doctors? In such a situation, if someone is able to provide us genuine Ayurveda advice from the qualified, board-certified and experienced Ayurveda doctors at doorstep, related to their health-related problems and authentic Ayurvedic medicine within affordable pricing, which we can experience or see physically before buying?

Ayush Ministry also stated that India’s digital health policy advocates use of digital tools for improving the efficiency and outcome of Healthcare system and lay significant focus on the use of telemedicine services especially in the health and wellness centers at the grass-root level wherein a mid-level healthcare provider/health worker can connect the patient to the Ayurveda doctor through Technology platforms for providing timely and best possible ayurveda care. In this regard, a Tele Medicine Practice Guidelines has been issued by the CCIM and ministry of Ayush on 10th April 2020

Keeping all these issues and ground reality in mind, Deep Ayurveda has brought a unique and reliable Ayurveda Health Care Project called “AYURVEDA AROGYA MITRA – AYURVEDA WELLNESS SHOPEE”. It will be trained, educated and certified by Deep Ayurveda to work in Ayurveda especially in sub- town in rural areas, who will help patient to connect his/her ayurvedic consultation with board-certified and experienced Ayurveda physicians through telemedicine , following the entire guidelines and protocol made for Ayurveda Wellness Shopee” 

What is this Ayurveda Wellness Shopee (AYURVEDA AROGYA MITRA ) ?

ayurveda arogya mitra Ayurveda Arogya Mitra- Ayurveda Wellness Shopee” is an ideal One Stop Ayurveda Shop Where all type of ayruveda products and ayurvedic treatment pack available under one roof and qualified & trained Ayurveda Wellness Associate will help customer or patient to dispense  Ayurvedic products or treatment as per recommendation of Ayurvedic doctor by connecting the patient directly to qualified, experienced and board-certified Ayurveda Vaidya through a telephonic call to provide him/her complete and accurate Ayurvedic advice/ consultation. The patient will also get full confidence and authenticity because this “ AYURVEDA WELLNESS SHOPEE – AYURVEDA AROGYA MITRA” will be only from your local village or city. The unique thing about this Ayurveda Wellness Shopee is that you will not have to pay any more fees for the consultation with the Qualified Ayurveda Doctor and at the same time, you will get Genuine and authentic Ayurvedic medicine on a reasonable and affordable price with a full money-back guarantee.

Current Scenario in Rural Health Care

In India, more than 60% of the population lives in villages, and today the condition of our health care is not hidden from anyone, even for some benefit, some immoral and unqualified people play with their health by giving them wrong treatment. Because even today people do not have the right information about Ayurveda or health, and people getting in the trap by the non-medico who are sitting on youtube or other social media platforms and selling the products on Ayurveda name.

Our mission and Objective

  • Our Mission is to promote and provide authentic & unadulterated  Ayurveda to every home.
  • Our Mission is to create self-employment to Ayurveda Doctors, Up Vaidya (D-Pharmacy In Ayurveda) OR other Ayurveda health care workers in India.
  • Our Objective is to provide Genuine Ayurveda Health Care and affordable Ayurvedic treatment at the doorstep at every village of India.
  • Our Objective to make self-independent and make the country “ATAM NIRBHAR”
  • Our Objective is to aware the people about ayurveda wellness to remain healthy and disease-free.

Being an ethical and responsible Ayurveda organization, we at Deep Ayurveda also understand our social work responsibility to brought and promote authentic Ayurveda to every corner of the country.

How can you Start Ayurveda Wellness Shopee and become an Ayurveda Arogya Mitra ?

In order to fulfill this great mission of Arogya Bharat and Atam Nirbhar Bharat, we are inviting those promising young qualified people who already working in the field of medicine, especially D-Pharmacy in Ayurveda, Pharmacist or Medical Representative who want to work in Ayurveda to promote genuine Ayurveda by becoming the part of this great mission. This is a very wonderful and unique business opportunity to promote self-independent ( AttamNirbhar) and to generate self-employment in India while doing true and unadulterated work in Ayurveda healthcare.

How You Can Apply & Process of Work

It very simple to apply, You can send your application just clicking on the link given below. First you need to apply online.

after that your application will be reviewed by our “Ayurveda Wellness Shopee Project Team” and if your application accepted then they will contact you for further process and provide all the information related to next step. After your appointment, Deep Ayurveda Organization will give you all the necessary education and training related to Ayurveda Wellness Shopee Operation.

The objective of Ayurveda

“SWASTHASYA SYASTHYA RAKSHANAM, AATURASHCHA VIKAR PRASHAMANAM” means: “To protect the health of a healthy person and to treat a disease if it develops” By Starting  “Ayurveda Wellness Shopee under “Arogya Mitra project”  where you will earn your livelihood and earn dignity and self-respect, you will also contribute to the progress of the country to make Atam Nirbhar, We can make the “Arogya Bharat Nirog Bharat” if we adopt  authentic Indian medical system which is more than 5000 thousand years old and also can help to save thousands of crores of rupees of the country that are going abroad by foreign pharmaceutical companies by selling allopath medicine.

Support from Company

  • We committed to providing necessary ayurveda education, training to operate this project in smoothly.
  • Online & Offline publicity & promotion.
  • All technical training and education to run Ayurveda Wellness Shopee.
  • Result Oriented Ayurvedic Medicine and Herbal Products at affordable pricing
  • Very Good Earning Prospect



Many Benefits with Free Membership

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